Kickboxing Benefits

The benefits of kickboxing

Burn fat

Cardio meets martial arts? Bye body fat. If you have taken a kickboxing class, you know it takes every bit of energy you have. You’re constantly pushing your body to keep moving, which increases the amount of calories burned and helps you lose weight.

Increase overall strength

Kickboxing is a full body exercise. You get to do weight training, fighting and different cardiovascular exercises. The end result? A stronger body and higher resistance.

Tone body

The different kicks, jumps and punches keep all of your different muscles engaged. Most kickboxing movements require a lot of strength and core power to be done correctly. These are the type of movements that will help you tone your body and trim your waist.

Learn self defense

Most kickboxing moves can be used outside of the classroom in case of necessity. Whenever you take a class, you’ll hear the instructor say things like “this you could use in X situation”. Pay attention because it may come in handy later on.

Improve coordination

It helps strengthen your core and improve your reflexes, which will make your coordination better. Most moves involve several body parts (for example kick, move, punch, kick again) and with time you’ll be able to learn new movement sequences faster because your coordination will constantly improve.

Release stress and improve focus and concentration

Nothing will help you destress as fast as kicking and punching a bag will. This exercise is a form of martial arts, meaning it requires a lot of dedication and concentration to master it. You may go to kickboxing class all the time and not get better if you don’t focus on the techniques necessary to perfect the different moves.

Improve posture

Kickboxing is a great break from sitting in your office all day, typing into your computer or staring at your phone. It will help with your posture because you have to use your core and be precise to perform most of the movements.

Increase energy levels

This exercise is a high intensity cardio routine, meaning you’ll get to push your body and mind to the max. It will help you release toxins and forget about your problems for a little, which will increase your energy.

Allows you to socialise

Kickboxing classes are group classes. You’ll get the chance to work with a partner and get pumped up by those around you. Most people tend to exercise harder and longer when they are surrounded by others doing the same thing. The more people, the more fun, right?

Increase flexibility and balance

It is mandatory to stretch before and after a kickboxing class. This is the part of the workout that will help you increase flexibility and, in the long run, it will help you prevent injuries, because the more flexible you are the lower the chances of getting hurt.