Our Vision

Kickboxing is a sport for all, and has the ability to change lives. Below is the strategy behind our visions of an inclusive sport for everyone.

Mission Statement

To promote the positive and beneficial aspects of martial arts and Kickboxing within our community. To develop our students in a positive manner in a safe and controlled environment. To empower our coaches to be leaders and role models in our chosen sport.

Our Charter

  • To provide Kickboxing & Martial Arts Classes that are accessible and affordable
  • To promote and encourage in the local community the sport of Kickboxing and Martial Arts
  • To make Martial Arts and Kickboxing more accessible to the general public
  • To Develop the sport of Kickboxing in a healthy and productive environment
  • To encourage a healthy and productive lifestyle for all our students, coaches and instructors
  • To Develop our students to be productive and rewarding members of the community
  • To be run on a non profit basis, ensuring affordability and inclusivity for all
  • To not discriminate because of gender, religion or ethnic persuasion
  • To develop the physical and physiological well-being of our students and members
  • To reinvest in our students, coaches, instructors and infrastructure on an ongoing basis
  • To promote the Art of Kickboxing in Ireland in a positive and constructive manner
  • To be an identifiable quality mark for the general public