Founded in 1982

Below is a little about the history of Kickboxing Ireland.

Kickboxing Ireland was founded in 1982 and is a national Governing Body for Kickboxing on the Island of Ireland, recognised by the Irish Sports Council as such under the auspices of the Irish Martial Arts Commission.

Kickboxing Ireland changed the organisational name from All Styles Kickboxing Association of Ireland, in 2012 following a two year defined transition period. To reflect the true nature of the all-Ireland organisations as to the body itself and the sport it develops, manages and operates on the island of Ireland. Kickboxing Ireland has audited accounts dating all the way back to 1993. Its presidents where/are

  • Joe Close (Dublin)
  • Tom Clancey (Wexford)
  • Eddie Ince (Dublin)
  • Michael Mc Dermott (Sligo)
  • Martin Mc Mahon (Monaghan)
  • Roy Baker (Current) (Kildare)

Kickboxing Ireland does not participate, organise, support or govern any other type of Martial Art or Mixed Martial Art other than the sport of Kickboxing as defined by WAKO and approved by IOC/GAISF. We are a constitutionally based, democratic, transparent national governing body of sport, run by a group of competent volunteers for the sole purpose of bettering and developing the sport on the island of Ireland…

Government recognition in Southern Ireland was received in 1993 under the auspices of the Irish Martial Arts Commission. Following discussions and negotiations with Irish Sports Council it was agreed at the time that Martial Arts in general would come under one governing body umbrella group to facilitate recognition and the detailed process itself. Kickboxing Ireland at that time agreed to join the overall application and with the national secretary of kickboxing Ireland being part of the recognition application team.

Kickboxing Ireland represents over 12,000 members of the Island of Ireland.

Within Kickboxing Ireland our instructors are personally developed and selected, not only for their Kickboxing skills, but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages. They are all actively encouraged to advanced training and continuously upgrade their skills under the direction of the National Coaching Development programme in association with Coaching Ireland and the Irish Sports Council. It is no surprise KBI Kickboxing Coaches are ranked among the finest in the world, with Ireland having a current world ranking of fourth In fact all of our coaches are recognised by the Irish Sports Council and have attended and undergone a clear and defined national coaching development strategy, which has been ongoing since 2003.Kickboxing Ireland has over 275 qualified coaches registered with the Irish Sports Council. All our coaches have completed the Irish Sports Council Code of Ethics Course and are Police Vetted and approved. This is a precondition of membership of KBI.

Kickboxing Ireland is a recognised as an impartial public provider of information with a clearly identifiable and trustworthy Quality Mark for Kickboxing – where Safety, Standards and Answerability are promoted and ensured…whilst promoting the positive and beneficial aspects of Kickboxing within the local and regional communities we operate and teach in. Kickboxing Ireland ensures that its students and athletes are engaged in a safe, controlled and positive environment. We empower our instructors/coaches to be leaders, developers and effective role models in our chosen sport and community by consistently delivering educational seminars and transparency and accountability. We empower, protect and nurture children in our care with focus on developing excellence through innovation and education. In fact Kickboxing Ireland has more qualified coaches in Ireland formally recognised by the Irish Sports Council than all the other recognised Martial Arts put together. This fact alone underpins the importance Kickboxing Ireland places on standards and strategic development of the sport.

Kickboxing Ireland provide Kickboxing organisations and clubs with a structure through which they can be fairly represented and through which they can democratically express their ambitions and concerns at a national and international level; We are defined reference point for the Irish Sports Council, Irish Martial Arts Commission, Coaching Ireland and other regional, national bodies and the general public in all matters relating to the sport of Kickboxing on the island of Ireland. Kickboxing Ireland has a five year strategic focus plan outlining the following prioritised areas.

Key Focus Areas identified:

  • Coach Development (Level 1, Level 2 and CPD Courses)
  • Women in Sport
  • Sport for All
  • Coaching Development (LTPAD)
  • Anti-Doping
  • Increased Public Awareness (Website, Social Media, WAKO World Championship events)
  • Recognition of KB by Sport NI and each region within UK
  • All Ireland Team Development (Senior-Cadet-Junior) Development

Kickboxing Ireland run three regional All Ireland Championship qualifiers. Over 800 Junior/cadet/Younger Cadet competitors will participate in the various regions. The top two competitors from each division will then go on the All Ireland Finals.

The Senior national Championships are held on two dates annually for team selection. The top competitor who wins at both events will represent Ireland at the World or Continental WAKO Championships later in the year. Each year on average 2,400 Junior Athletes and 1200 Senior compete at these events.