Frequently Asked Questions


We appreciate the world of Kickboxing can be a little intimidating to newcomers, so we have put together a handy list of FAQs to make it a little easier to get to grips with.

  • What is Kickboxing?

    A simple question, but tricky to answer.  Kickboxing is a combat sport combining hand strikes, kicks, blocks, movement and even gymnastic feats. It’s great fun, fantastic for fitness, gives you the option of taking part in an amazing competition scene, and teaches practical self-defence techniques as well.

  • Do I have to fight?

    Not at all. Kickboxing doesn’t mean you have to get in the ring and fight if you don’t want to. You can reap all the benefits without being involved in the full contact element of it and in fact a vast number of our members are here for only that.

  • Do I need to be fit to do Kickboxing?

    Not necessarily, in fact a lot of people actually join Kickboxing to get fit! In parts, fitness does help but the Instructor know that everyone is different and always try to ensure students push themselves where they can in attempt to attain higher and better personal levels and goals.

  • Is Kickboxing good for fitness?


    As with all forms of exercise, you’ll get out whatever you put in. So individual gains will vary, but with such variety within the sport there is plenty of scope for improving your aerobic fitness, strength, power, flexibility, dexterity and agility. Kickboxing is also great fun and the combination of it being an individual sport practised in a positive team environment means you’ll be working hard and hardly realise!

  • Are there people my age doing Kickboxing?

    We have students as young as 13 years old up to 65 years training with us!

  • What should I bring?

    Wear loose clothing such as a t-shirt/vest and tracksuit bottoms/shorts that will allow free movement. If you own any kickboxing pads – shin/foot, gloves or gum shield – bring them along too. Bring along a bottle of water because it’s thirsty work!

  • Will I get hurt?

    The risk of injury is minimal as we pay maximum attention to safety issues to ensure safe and healthy training practices.

  • If I have previous martial arts experience, will it be a bit slow for me?

    Not at all! Our members range between novices to black belts with many years of experience: everybody is looked after individually and trains with people of similar skill: this inspires, stretches, and encourages everybody’s learning. Our instructors have many years of training and teaching experience and they ensure nobody finds it slow. There is also no formal barrier to moving up within the class, if the group you find yourself is in is moving too slowly simply join in with the more advanced group who will be happy to accommodate you.

  • What can I do to properly prepare for a lesson?

    It’s a good idea to avoid eating or drinking anything except water for an hour or two before the class. The training will teach you how to improve, among other things, flexibility and power: unless you are proficient in fitness or done martial arts for a long time you better wait and learn from us what to do exactly: badly performed exercises may be worse than no exercise at all.

  • I wear glasses, is that a problem?

    It is possible to do much of what we do wearing glasses, but it’s not ideal. The only major thing you would have to avoid would be sparring, since there’s too much risk to do that with glasses. If doing anything without glasses might create problems we suggest wearing contact lenses.

  • How do I find a local club?

    There are clubs across Ireland so you are never too far away from one. Use our handy find a club map to discover your nearest club.

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